The mission of the ND Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (DOCR) is transforming lives, influencing change, strengthening community. Our team members provide many different services to a diverse correctional population of juveniles and adults, such as therapeutic rehabilitation, medical care, physical plant services, education, and a variety of correctional dynamic security, community supervision, and law enforcement jobs responsible for security and management of individuals in the custody of the DOCR. 

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  • Health and Well-Being
    • Corrections and law enforcement are challenging fields that may not be right for everyone. We value all team members and provide many different resources to assist team members with addiction and recovery, crisis, an employee assistance program which provides free and confidential counseling and additional mental health resources, exercise and physical health, financial hardship, mindfulness, wellness, and trauma and resiliency.    
  • Training
    • The DOCR provides valuable job specific training for team members. Nearly all training and professional development opportunities are provided on-site or virtually. 
  • Promotional Opportunities
    • The DOCR promotes from within for many supervisory and management positions. Within our secure correctional facilities, you can promote all the way to shift Captain without a college degree. 
  • Job Stability
    • Corrections is a key component of the criminal justice system, and we are always open 24X7, every day.
  • Veterans Welcome!
    • The DOCR recognizes the training, skills, discipline, and team-oriented nature of our nation’s veterans. The DOCR awards veterans’ preference in accordance with state and federal law and encourages all veterans to consider a career in corrections.
  • Internships Available


  • Rick Peterson, North Dakota State Penitentiary (NDSP)
  • Cheryl Dewald, James River Correctional Center (JRCC)  
  • Alexis Archambault, NDSP correctional officer, nursing, and dental recruiting; Missouri River Correctional Center (MRCC)
  • Brian Miller, Parole and Probation, Transitional Planning Services, and Administrative Services
  • Dan Weising, Division of Juvenile Services (DJS), Youth Correctional Center (YCC), and Heart River Correctional Center (HRCC) 
  • Travis Engelhardt, DOCR Leadership, Rough Rider Industries
Career Title Career Location Closing Date
Parole and Probation Officer Williston 07/21/2024
Reentry Manager Bismarck 07/22/2024
Brief Strategic Family Therapist Eastern 07/26/2024
Correctional Officer JRCC Jamestown 07/29/2024
Juvenile Services Program Director Mandan 07/30/2024
Juvenile Case Aide Devils Lake 07/31/2024
Residential Treatment Agent Mandan 08/02/2024
Project Manager Bismarck 08/02/2024
Teacher Jamestown 08/07/2024
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