The Pardon Advisory Board became effective on August 1, 1997. Prior to that the board was known as the Pardon Board.



The mission of the North Dakota Pardon Advisory Board is to hear requests within its jurisdiction and base its recommendations to the Governor in keeping with the constitutional and statutory intent as well as the best interest of society. All germane information that is available to the Pardon Advisory Board, including any new mitigating information regarding the conviction, including the impact of substance abuse and behavioral health issues on the applicant and/or the conviction, the applicant’s efforts to address substance abuse and behavioral health issues and needs, the personal and social development and achievement of the applicant, and any significant problems or circumstances the applicant may be encountering due to the conviction, will be considered.


  • The Pardon Advisory Board with concurrence of the Governor has the authority to grant the following: Commutation, Conditional Pardon, Pardon, Remission of fine and a Reprieve.
  • The Pardon Advisory Board makes recommendations to the Governor, and any action taken is not official until signed by the Governor. 
  • The Pardon Advisory Board is not an administrative agency as defined by the North Dakota Century Code, and is not subject to the Administrative Agencies Practice Act.


The governor appoints the board members, but by statute, the Attorney General is one of the five members, as are two members of the Parole Board. The other two members are appointed at large. At the present time the board members are:

  • H. Patrick Weir, Chairman of Pardon Advisory Board
  • Drew H. Wrigley, Attorney General
  • Jennifer Thompson
  • Leslie Bakken Oliver
  • Bev Adams
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Pardon Advisory Board Meeting Dates

The Pardon Advisory Board meets two times a year: 

  • April 9, 2024
  • November 14, 2024

All applications must be complete, including all required documents, and submitted 90 days prior to the meeting dates. The submission deadlines are:

  • January 10, 2024
  • August 16, 2024
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Cases Eligible for Pardon Advisory Board & Pardon Applications

Cases eligible for Pardon Advisory Board review are individuals who have committed a crime and were convicted in a North Dakota court of law.  (Excludes federal offenses, traffic offense, and tribal offenses.)  

For more information, review the Pardon Advisory Board Policy, or contact Steve Hall at 701-328-6712. 

  1. Adults in the DOCR custody (inmates) or on parole or probation supervision with the DOCR.
  2. Adults in the DOCR custody who have no legal remedy through the Parole Board may be eligible for review by the Pardon Advisory Board providing that review does not conflict with any provisions of the policy.
  3. Persons not in the custody of, or under the supervision of the DOCR.
  4. The applicant must have encountered a significant problem with the consequences of the conviction or sentence (e.g., inability to obtain or maintain licensures or certifications necessary for employment.)
  5. In very limited circumstances, the Board may consider applications from individuals who present a compelling need for relief as a result of unusual circumstances not otherwise specified in the above eligibility criteria.
  6. Persons prosecuted for and convicted of Misdemeanor possession of marijuana, ingestion of marijuana, and possession of marijuana paraphernalia who have not had any other criminal convictions in the past five years may submit a Summary Pardon Application.  Individuals who have been convicted of any Felony offense, are not eligible to submit a Summary Pardon Application and must use the Pardon Advisory Board application.

Complete the  Pardon Advisory Board application or the Summary Pardon Board application (for Eligible Marijuana Offenses).

Include a copy of the criminal judgment and criminal information or complaint for each offense for which you seek relief. You must obtain these documents by contacting the clerk of district court in the jurisdiction in which your conviction occurred, as these documents are not available to the public on the internet.

Please submit all documents 90 days prior to each board meeting by either mail, fax, or email:

  • Mail:

Clerk, Pardon Advisory Board

P.O. Box 1898

Bismarck, ND 58502-1898


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Pardon Advisory Board Results