NDCC 12.1-34-12, particularly Subsections 16 and 18 require that a custodial authority provide notice to victims of a juvenile offender’s temporary, provisional or final release from custody, and that victims and witnesses of crimes committed by juveniles are entitled to the same rights in juvenile court proceedings as are other victims in other proceedings. DJS has custodial authority over the youth in its care.

The goal of the DJS victim notification program is to provide victims a seamless statewide system of notification of offender movement. Notification activities are carried out under the direction of a Victim Notification Specialist, who can also provide victims with information about the processes of the state juvenile corrections system, and make referrals for other assistance.

A victim may call or write with any questions they might have to:

Tasha Hausauer, DJS Victim Notification Specialist
West Central DJS Office
921 South 9th Street, Suite 110
Bismarck, ND 58504
Phone: (701) 328-3937
Fax: (701) 328-3968