Money is not accepted, in person or in the mail, at NDSP, MRCC, JRCC, or HRCC.


To send money to a resident please visit JPay and there are several options for sending money to a resident via JPay:


  • JPay Mobile App
    • Download the free app to send money anytime, anywhere
    • Send money from a computer or laptop
  • 800-574-5729
    • Speak with a live agent 24/7
  • MoneyGram
    • Send cash using the receive code 1304
  • Money Orders
    • When sending money orders to JPay please use the Money Order Deposit Form (Formulario de depósito de giro postal). All of the boxes need to be filled out completely and correctly. If not, the money order will be returned to you.  
    • Send money orders payable to:
      • JPay
      • P.O. Box 822700
      • Pembroke Pines, FL 33082