Legislative Session


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67th Assembly




HB 1035 Uniform Juvenile Court Act; and to provide a penalty
HB 1052 Cooperative agreements to provide services to juveniles adjudicated in tribal court
HB 1069 Discharge of offenders
HB 1070 Modification of parole board action
HB 1071 Medical paroles
HB 1104 Sentencing of violent offenders; and to provide for retroactive application
HB 1112 Prioritization of admission of inmates
HB 1169 Competition between the government and private industry; and provide for a report to the legislative management.
HB 1177 Probation termination
HB 1410 Prohibiting a correctional facility under the control of the DOCR from substantially burdening the exercise of religion by an offender in the facility's custody, the state health officer's authority, and the governor's authority during a declared disaster or emergency; and to provide penalty.
HB 1427 Commission on juvenile justice and the children's cabinet and create a juvenile justice planning committee
HCR 3002 MOU and option to acquire land by the DOCR, by NDSP and MRCC, and Parks and Rec













SB 2104 Sale of prison industries-made products
SB 2105 Warrant and probable cause requirements
SB 2106 Transfer fees and travel fees for adults under supervision
SB 2107 Exemption of certain internal investigation records of the DOCR
SB 2108 Exceptions to exempt and confidential records
SB 2178 Eligibility for release programs and parole board compensation
SB 2268 Assault on a health care facility provider; and to provide a penalty
HB 1069 Discharge of offenders
HB 1070 Modification of parole board action




SB 2015 Overview of DOCR
SB 2015 Division of Juvenile Services
SB 2015 Infographics Overview of  DOCR
SB 2015 Master Plan Plan 2021-2030 - Moss Report